Whale Dies At SeaWorld After Spending 50 Years In A Tank

Whale Dies At SeaWorld After Spending 50 Years In A Tank

Trainers hugging a pilot whale at SeaWorld San Diego

There’s been ample evidence that the animals at SeaWorld are suffering psychologically. Just last week, video emerged of Morgan, a SeaWorld-owned wild-caught orca at Spain’s Loro Parque, unnaturally dragging herself out of the water to avoid the constant attacks of her fellow orcas.

SeaWorld’s also been struggling as a company — on Friday, the company’s stock reached its second-lowest point since the film’s release three years ago.

SeaWorld has taken some steps to right its sinking ship. In March, it announced an end to its controversial orca breeding program — but in the same breath the company vowed to never release the remaining captive orcas to sea sanctuaries.

Hopefully SeaWorld will continue to takes step forward for animals, however small — and intelligent animals like Bubbles will no longer spend their lives performing tricks in concrete tanks.

Source: thedodo
Authored by: Ameena Schelling