Whale Dies At SeaWorld After Spending 50 Years In A Tank

One of the pilot whales performing at SeaWorld San Diego

Unna, Tilikum’s 18-year-old daughter, died at SeaWorld San Antonio in December. Betsy, a 33-year-old Commerson’s dolphin who had been taken from the wild as a calf, died at SeaWorld’s Orlando Aquatica park in January after being moved from SeaWorld San Diego.

Dart, a Pacific white-sided dolphin, passed away at SeaWorld San Antonio just a few weeks later, at just 12 years old.

Of the six animals who died, only two of them — Bubbles and Betsy — reached a mature age.

Since the 2013 release of “Blackfish,” SeaWorld has been facing a string of accusations about the welfare of its animals, from violent fighting among tank mates to claims of drugging animals and overzealous breeding.

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