Whale Dies At SeaWorld After Spending 50 Years In A Tank

A trainer riding one of the pilot whales at SeaWorld San Diego

When SeaWorld purchased Marineland in 1987, it transferred Bubbles to SeaWorld San Diego. She would spend another 30 years at SeaWorld, performing regularly with SeaWorld’s trained whales and dolphins.

“Bubbles had been a member of the SeaWorld family for nearly 30 years,” SeaWorld said in Friday’s statement. “While Bubbles will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved her, she has helped generations of park visitors gain a better appreciation for all animals and the ocean environment.”

Bubble is the latest in a string of animals to pass away at SeaWorld. Last July, an unnamed 3-month-old beluga calf passed away at SeaWorld San Antonio. In November, a 2-year-old beluga calf named Stella died at the same park.

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