Whale Dies At SeaWorld After Spending 50 Years In A Tank


Yet another animal has died at SeaWorld.

Bubbles, a short-finned pilot whale who lived at SeaWorld San Diego, has passed away, the company announced on Friday. She was the sixth animal to die at the marine parks since July.


While many of SeaWorld’s animals die young, Bubbles, who was estimated to be in her early- to mid-50s, was the oldest pilot whale in a zoological park, according to SeaWorld.

But while her life was longer than that of many of SeaWorld’s marine mammals, it was just as unnatural.

Bubbles was captured from her wild family off the coast of California in 1966,according to Ceta-Base, and sent to Marineland of the Pacific, a now-closed California marine park. She lived there for more than two decades, performing tricks for an endless stream of tourists.

“It seems that Bubbles was born to be a superstar,” SeaWorld wrote in a 2010 press release. “As a young 12-foot-long, 1,600-pound female pilot whale, she began her expansive career … and was eventually given her own stadium and placed center stage. Her talent and allure made her an international superstar.”

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