Ollie, The Dog With Mysterious Illness Solved by Intern


That night, only about 10 hours later, Al was surprised to hear the clicking of Ollie’s nails on their hardwood floor. Ollie was up, roaming the house, and ready to be let outside for a bathroom break.

“We were astounded by the quick turnaround,” he said. They were so excited that they brought Ollie back to DoveLewis the next day to make sure everything was going as planned and to show off his miraculous overnight recovery.

“We were thinking it would take closer to three days for him to heal, if it did turn out to be tick paralysis,” Neena said. “When we got the call from his owners that Ollie was doing fine, we all high-fived each other. That might be the one tick paralysis case I experience in my career. It was exciting that we could help.”

Today, Ollie is back to normal – lively, active and ready to embark on his next outdoor adventure.  Al plans to use a tick collar as well as ingestible tick prevention for their next excursion, per Dr. Stone’s recommendation.

“Thank God we were led to DoveLewis, and they saw the tick and remembered what they had learned years ago,” Al said. “Ollie is looking better and better every day.”


Source: dovelewis