10,000 Dogs And 4,000 Cats Are About To Be Slaughtered At The Festival Of Hell, And No One Is Talking About It


A practice that divides the country 

Over recent years, the consumption of dog meat in China has become more and more outdated as the popularity of pet dogs increases.

Whilst the country still eats the most dog meat in the world, killing around 20 million dogs each year, the Chinese authorities are slowly realising how badly the dog meat trade is affecting their global image.

Source : @Reuters/Kim Kyung Hoon

For the younger generation in China, who are heavily influenced by the West, dogs and cats are first and foremost seen as pets. It is therefore considered a shocking and cruel practice to eat them.

Millions of Chinese citizens support legislation to ban the dog meat industry, so it is hoped that the cruel trade will fall into decline over the next few decades.

Source : @Reuters/Kim Kyung Hoon

Over 4,000,000 signatures to ban this practice once and for all

On June 21, thousands of dogs and cats will be brutally slaughtered in Yulin. So today, we’re calling for your help.

Source : @Reuters/Kim Kyung Hoon

To help put an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2016, put pressure on the Chinese government by signing this petition here.

Over 4,000,000 people have added their names already. Let your voice be heard now!


Source: Holihogtimes.com
Authored by: Nicolas Morin-Forest